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Global warranty

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Global warranty

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There is no warranty on glass, even when you buy a new vehicle, because it is subject to various influences that can easily damage it. However, if it is determined that the glass has functional defects (image refraction, dioptre), the warranty is accepted and GLASS SERVICE will replace the glass.

GLASS SERVICE provides a lifetime global warranty on glass installation, which means that the glass must not peel off or leak water. If this happens due to physical damage and failure to follow the procedure after installing the glass, the warranty will not cover it.

As a leader in the auto glass market, GLASS SERVICE is the only member in Serbia of AGE- AUTOMOTIVE GLASS EXPERTS, the world organization of auto glass manufacturers, and accordingly provides a guarantee that is valid in 22 European countries.

This means that wherever you have a problem with the glass, and it is subject to warranty, contact the nearest AGE partner, and the obligation to pay will be taken over by GLASS SERVICE.

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