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Glass repair

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Glass repair

Frenquently Asked Questions

Read our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Windshield repair takes 30-45 minutes, depending on the degree of damage.

The largest scratch that can be repaired is the size of a coin, or a line up to 3 cm long

Damaged glass does not have the strength and does not provide the safety that repaired or undamaged glass has. Also, if the damage is in the field of vision, it can disturb the driver while driving.

The damage can spread very quickly to the point where repair is impossible and new glass must be installed, so it is wisest to repair it immediately.

GLASS SERVICE provides a lifetime guarantee on the repair performed, which means that if at some point the repaired damage spreads, the customer receives a discount on the new glass in the amount of the repair he paid.

After repairing the damage, it cannot be completely invisible, but is reduced by 70%. It primarily depends on his age and size.

The price of glass repair depends on the size and age of the damage and is determined in direct contact with a licensed GLASS SERVICE technician, after inspecting the degree of damage.

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