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We are the only original Glass Service in Serbia that has existed for more than 30 years.

Our network consists of 35 superbly equipped glass services with the highest quality tools for assembly and repair of auto and other glass. Our offer is based on original and replacement auto glass from the world's best manufacturers: Pilkington, Saint-Gobain Sekurit, Guardian, Fuyao, Lucas and XYG.

We offer the highest quality windshield, rear and side glass for all makes, models and types of vehicles, high quality films and headlight polishing service. The quality of the auto glass that we offer, the professionally trained staff and the high quality of the services that we provide make us the most recognizable brand in Serbia and the region. Welcome to Glass Service.

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In the network of our Glass services, you can replace, repair and tint car windows.

Glass service in numbers

In our network of Glass services, you can replace, repair and tint car windows.

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It is with great pleasure that we inform all our partners and users that in mid-2020 we became an exclusive partner and member of the largest European association of professional autoglaziers, AGE-Automotive Glass Experts. AGE- Automotive Glass Experts currently covers a network of over 1,600 locations in 20 countries and in each country chooses only one of the professional companies involved in the sale and installation of auto glass as a partner.

Glass service managed to fulfill all the strict conditions necessary for membership in the AGE association. We are sure that membership in AGE will help us to achieve even better relations with the largest producers of glasses, equipment, devices and other products related to our activity, because they are all strongly connected to AGE.

This will significantly contribute to raising the quality of our complete service. You can find out more about AGE-Automotive Glass Experts by clicking on the link below...

Glass Service Windshield | AGE

Glass service | locations (Belgrade)

Presevska 33, Belgrade

Glass Service Zvezdara

Glass Service Windshield | 011/242-15-19 011/242-15-19 Glass Service Windshield | 063/492-004 063/492-004

Tosin Bunar 234a, Belgrade

Glass Service Novi Beograd - Tosin Bunar

Glass Service Windshield | 011/260-44-89 011/260-44-89 Glass Service Windshield |  063/209-500 063/209-500

Visnjicka 25, Belgrade

Glass Service Palilula

Glass Service Windshield |  063/492-011 063/492-011 Glass Service Windshield | 011/20-80-134 011/20-80-134

Ugrinovacka 129, Belgrade

Glass Service Zemun

Glass Service Windshield |  011/45-28-993 011/45-28-993 Glass Service Windshield | 063/492-010 063/492-010 Glass Service Windshield | 063/492-020 063/492-020

Kruzni put Vozdovački 17a, Belgrade

Glass Service Vozdovac

Glass Service Windshield |  063/492-944 063/492-944 Glass Service Windshield | 063/492-098 063/492-098

Pastroviceva 12, Belgrade

Glass Service Hipodrom

Glass Service Windshield |  011/237-03-16 011/237-03-16 Glass Service Windshield | 063/280-080 063/280-080 Glass Service Windshield | 011/237-03-23 011/237-03-23

Djuje i Dragoljuba 3/1, Belgrade

Glass Service Ibarska magistrala (Metro)

Glass Service Windshield |  011/237-03-23 011/237-03-23 Glass Service Windshield | 063/280-080 063/280-080 Glass Service Windshield | 011/237-03-16 011/237-03-16

Smederevski put 22b, Belgrade

Glass Service Smederevski Put

Glass Service Windshield |  063/492-014 063/492-014 Glass Service Windshield | 063/492-010 063/492-010

Hemingways 1, Ledine-Surcin

Glass Service Ledine-Surcin

Glass Service Windshield |  063/415-115 063/415-115 Glass Service Windshield | 063/280-080 063/280-080

Jurija Gagarina, Belgrade

Glass Service New Belgrade - Jurija Gagarina

Glass Service Windshield | 063/492-482 063/492-482

Novoseljanski put 73, Pancevo

Glass Service Pancevo

Glass Service Windshield | 063/8156-925 063/8156-925

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