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Glass replacement

Frenquently Asked Questions

Read our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

The windshield is changed when it is impossible to repair the damage and almost always before registration or due to physical disturbances that the driver feels while driving (poor visibility, image refraction, scratched glass...)

Due to the extensive network of GLASS SERVICE, if we have glass in stock, the replacement is scheduled immediately or within 24 hours. The replacement service itself takes 3-4 hours.

No, GLASS SERVICE is here to save you money. The old registration sticker is pasted onto the new glass.

After replacing the glass, you should avoid washing the vehicle under high pressure for 48 hours, the rain will not interfere.

Also, the car should not be driven for a technical inspection for 48 hours, because due to the force of sudden braking on the inspection rollers, the newly installed glass may move.

The safety straps with which the vehicle leaves the service should be removed after 24 hours.

The tip is to install new wiper blades if yours are worn out.

GLASS SERVICE provides a lifetime global guarantee on its services. This means that the glass will not peel off or leak water, as long as it, or the part of the body that carries it, is physically undamaged.

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In the network of our Glass services, you can replace, repair and tint car windows.

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